I have a very unlikely bundle of things in my head. This is generally speaking, but for something so concise (theoretically) as a blog, it’s particularly true. Bear with me anyway as I connect a few mismatched dots:

  • I possess some truly spectacular capabilities for awkwardness.
  • I wish I knew how to write plays, BUT
  • I feel like I can’t ever think of anything worthy of the theatrical format.

So I’m proposing a solution; an experiment of sorts. At least once a week, and more often if necessary (quite likely, sadly), I will take a scene from my actual life- a scene in which I embarrass myself and/or others, do something profoundly (or quietly) dimwitted, or in any way mis-speak, mis-step, stammer, stumble, sputter, or fumble, and I will rewrite it! I will fashion my foolishness into script. In doing so, I will spit out my silliness (cathartic), work through it (cathartic), and sidestep my perpetual writer’s block to get some little something scripted (productive)!

I fully expect to become a playwright, self-therapist, and entirely fulfilled artist. For now, I am just Alexandra: an actor, self-deprecator, and artist only seeking fulfillment.